ATX Teatroa

Bihotz Salataria (The Tell-Tale Heart)

The arguments of the crazy man, the perfectionism psychopath, cold and calculating murderer. The most terrible crime, the meanest ... kill a helpless old man, dismember and hide their remains.

The police come to investigate. The murderer, proud of his perfectionism, invites agents inside, encourages them to seek the evidences and finally sit with them for a while to chat.

In full tasting triumph, he begins to hear the heartbeat of old man, at first slightly but later they become unbearable. These mysterious beats, real or fictitious, get him on his nerves and lead him to confess his crime.

-Dossier-(Basque language)
-Press (Deia, 2016/04/17)- (Basque Language)
-Press (Berria, 2016/05/13)- (Basque Language)
-Press (Gara, 2016/06/23)- (Basque Language)
-Theater criticism (Berria, 2016/05/15)- (en Basque)
-Technical requirements- (Basque language)
-Lighting plan-
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