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Hunger, urination, love, hate, thirst, sex, fear ... and of course ... violence.

These are among some of our instincts. Thanks to them we are still alive from prehistoric times to today. They were, are and will be basic tools for life, tools that we share with all animals. We could not survive if someone stole any of them, we would not be complete.

But ... Noooo! Violence no! Humans should not use violence! And it's true, you can not use violence for free ... but what if there was a reason? ... Can there be any reason to use violence?, ... And when there is no choice? .. . What can we do to survive?

They are just questions, nothing more ... the audience has the answers.

-Dossier-(Basque & Spanish languages)
-Technical requirements- (Basque language)
-Lighting plan-
-Press (Berria, 2016/12/28)-
-Press (Deia, 2016/10/01)-
-Theater Criticism (Gara, 2016/10/03)-
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